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A Holistic Approach To Excellence

Whether you’re turning a new leaf or flipping the switch, Dominic is the person to help lead you to the front of your industry. Specializing in start-ups and rebranding, Dominic has literally written the book on small business brand associations and partnerships. 
Having completed a Masters degree in Organizational Leadership and a Doctorate degree in Information Systems and Communications, his Masters culminated in a manual for field leadership in CPG promotion. His Doctoral Thesis was quite literally the book on how to evaluate small and medium size enterprise brands in a digital world and then how to further create systems for multiple entities to work together to be competitive against large enterprises in a regional strategy. Which are all very complex ways of saying that Dominic has the knowledge to not only create success for your brand externally but also look deep internally to ensure growth for the long term. 
Dominic has proven himself a dynamic leader among some very progressive start up brands with grassroots marketing strategies. His work with Red Bull Energy Drink, vitaminwater, and Pittsburgh International Race Complex ground his academic work in professional experience. He has led consumer outreach efforts, national peer training, and niche market strategy with Red Bull and vitaminwater. Dominic’s analytical side has been satisfied not only in academia but deep work on core systems at Heinz through the Collaborative Marketing group including ROI evaluation, vendor management, and value proposition management programs. He has also successfully led the rebranding and growth efforts at Pittsburgh International Race Complex. 
With Dominic Cincotta, you get a holistic approach to organizations, brands, reputation management, and go-to-market strategy. Founded in academia and practiced in profession, the work of Dominic is practical yet progressive and always forward thinking. 
Dominic has expertise in Brand Strategy, Organizational Evaluation, Marketing Strategy, Partnership Development, and Digital Activation.

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